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Deportation, Part 4


PRUCOL was created not by the voter and legislation, but by the courts. When an alien is designated as PRUCOL, it means that they are illegal but can still stay. Because the illegal alien can stay they have the same rights as if they were legal. The real difference is that a PRUCOL cannot apply for U.S. citizenship.

The good news is that a PRUCOL can't sponsor any family members.


Plainly put, illegal aliens are PRUCOLs if they are illegals and the INS allows them to stay in the U.S..


If somehow you have been able to escape capture as an illegal alien and have been able to give birth to a US citizen, or be so debilitated that you can collect SSI or for other health reasons, or had somehow illegally obtained a job and got laid off or fired and have benefits coming to you or you are in the process of filing complaints to obtain such benefits:

(1) Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)

(2) Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

(3) Medicaid

(4) Unemployment Insurance

Each PRUCOL criterion is handled by a different federal and / or state agency.

So if you are an alien who has been here for more than twenty years, or have been granted a stay of deportation by the courts, or are not being deported because you have U.S. citizen children, or you are just not going to be deported (a Salvadoran or a Cuban for example) you can go on with this sometimes for the rest of your natural life.


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