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Southern Barrier, Part 15

After that huge machine plants the galvanized steel tube then the tube is filled with concrete. Any place work is done along the border there must be armed guards. You can see one of the guard vehicles in the distance.

Along other parts of this construction project south of Yuma,Arizona, a secondary barrier is being installed. Here, the border has a double barrier containing a "No Man's Land" with high intensity flood lamps.

These pages have shown all of the barrier system types used along our 2,000 mile border with Mexico.

For example, in the urban area of Nogales, which type of barrier would be installed?

There, below, is the Nogales barrier -- as you could have predicted from what you learned on this site -- a steel plate primary barrier system.The barrier would be a Primary and a Secondary barrier but the lack of funding only gives us this level of protection. To bring it closer to the security of a full Primary and Secondary barrier, some additional material has been added to its top.

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