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The U.S. Border At Night, Part 3

Video Surveillance Secrets – What they don’t tell you along the border.

The United States government has funded a program to increase security along our southern border. This program is called the Secure Border Initiative – SBI. With Mexican border towns rife with drug cartel violence and outright gang warfare, the population crossing the US border illegally is comprised of far fewer simple farm workers looking to send money back to Mexico and far more gang members looking to do the US population serious harm.

A key element in this new plan to protect our borders is some method of watching the border night and day. Such a border watch effort requires some form of video camera technology and there are several systems that have been tried.

These camera systems can be thought of as a “force multiplier” in that by using a camera to monitor the border, human agents can perform other duties such as apprehending drug smugglers and terrorists.

Such border cameras can be grouped into five general categories:

Daylight cameras

Low Light Level cameras

IR Night Vision cameras

FLIR cameras

Range Gated cameras

You might contact your congressman and ask him to start protecting you and your family from the border threat by funding the United States Border Patrol.

U.S. House of Representatives

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