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Mid Arizona Border, Part 6


The interior of the mission shows the dedication the Spanish Franciscans ( who replaced the Jesuits in operating the mission system) to the people of the area.

The mission is a major profit center to the Tohono O'odham Nation, second only to their massive gambling casino. Their casino is about the size of two super WalMarts.

This vast Nation is under threat. Because the Department of Homeland Security's priorities do not include protecting the thousands of peaceful people living on these lands, the Nation has formed its own group to protect itself.

This Native American group is called The Shadow Wolves. For decades they operated alone and without support. With 9/11, they were absorbed into the DHS structure. Suddenly, they were reduced to being as effective as other DHS mandated agencies. They have again been separated from DHS and act alone to protect their people from the constant criminal onslaught along the border.

The Shadow Wolves are even being used in Afghanistan to track Bin Laden.

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