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Secure Border Initiative, Part 5

Even when you have the land / easement / right of way it does not mean that the “One Worlders” won’t still drag you into court. South of Yuma, Arizona is a bit of border that separates a real USMC bombing range from the Republic of Mexico. Columns of drug-laden trucks race north from San Luis, Sonora, Mexico, onto the USMC’s bombing range, and then onto the great east-west interstate freeway miles to the north. To stop the flurry of northbound activity concrete filled steel posts are being planted in the ground along the border. They are being planted about four feet apart. An “environmental” lawsuit has now been filed to stop this vile construction because lizards won’t be able to migrate between these posts which are spaced four feet apart.


Mexican gangs, drug cartels, and Zetas enforcers do not have a chance to victimize the well-insulated-from-reality far left "salon liberals" of San Francisco and other centers of aberration. It is thus quite easy for our "Disconnected Elite" to tell us what is good for us.

The gang member in this video clip might be babbling a fantasy, but his fantasy is backed up with gang rapes, beheadings, and machine gunning of fully laden school buses. And if you think this guy seems almost normal, remember that these gangs also hack people to pieces with machetes.


America's "salon liberals" have no idea what comes across the border and what these people do here. They refuse to even listen to the reports of the teenage girl gang raped in a south central Los Angeles barrio and then burned alive or any of the other atrocities that occur over three hundred times each month in this country at the hands of illegal aliens.

The problem is that a secure border for America requires the construction of a secure border and it may already be too late for our nation to generate the will to take such action.

The White House and Senator Kennedy may say that a "Virtual Fence" is all we need -- but you don't see the vehicle barriers and fences around the White House and the Capitol building being torn down and replaced with TV cameras on tall poles, and all of their hundreds of security guards "re-deployed" to some spot five miles away. The White House and Teddy Kennedy know better ....when it comes to... their own... safety.

If America's southern border even had the people and barriers now surrounding the White House.. we, and our children, could be safe.

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