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USBP Today, Part 1

Today, the United States Border Patrol has 11,000 agents on the line to protect our borders. More than 9,500 of these agents are stationed along our 2,000-mile southern border. According to U.S. government sources, nearly 99% of all people arrested entering our country illegally are citizens of Mexico.

According to several U.S. Congressmen, more than 4,000 people die each year at the hands of illegal aliens living within the United States. They also report that if the number of people killed by illegal aliens operating motor vehicles on our roadways is added, the number exceeds 8,000 dead per year.

Click here for a video link to Congressional Testimony.

The situation is grave. "The bureaucrats don't understand what a dangerous game they are playing with American lives if they don't do something to fix the situation at the border," said Michael Cutler, a former special agent with Immigration and Naturalization Services, who testified before the 9-11 Commission.



The border is out of control. Small border town TV stations have the tragic video on their evening news almost every night.


The state of California maintains a public database of its most violent and dangerous fugitives. The reality is far from what is portrayed in the media. Simply search the database -- the options are given. About 92% of California's most dangerous violent felons (and wanted for murder) are Hispanic and most have fled to Mexico.

We once had a Mr. Charles Manson walking the streets of America. He was convicted of the murder of seven and the creation of a small "gang." If he were loose today and living in Mexico he could just cross the Mexican border and into the United States. For a thousand miles of our southern border there's essentially no one there to stop him.



Once inside the United States he would become part of a group the American Media call "Undocumented Migrants".




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