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Sex Slaves, Part 1

Let’s now examine the reality of what some “undocumented migrants” are all about. Let’s first look at just one transaction between Tetyana Komisaruk, Valery Konisaruk, and Serge Mezheritsky, and their sale of some women who would soon become sex slaves in America. Where did this happen? In Tijuana, Mexico, of course. The sale actually occurred in Tijuana’s Hard Rock Cafe.

The Tijuana Hard Rock Café calls Tijuana “…this rowdy, hip-happening town.” Tijuana is certainly that.

The Tijuana Hard Rock Café is built in a renovated two story masonry building at 520 Avenida Revolucion. It is a quick taxi ride from the border.

Gospadyin Gordey Vinitsky entered the Cafe and had a drink at the bar. He was met some time later by Tetyana Komisaruk's husband, Valery Komisaruk. The two men nodded and casually exited the café, walking out into back the parking lot and to a waiting van. Inside that van were six Ukrainian women all around the age of 20.


The Tijuana Hard Rock Cafe's prices are "American" and something called "Surfer on Acid" is five bucks.



Gordey Vinitsky looked into the van and pointed at two of the women and said he'd buy them for $10,000 each. The deal was done.

It's doubtful that the $10,000 each included a souvenir stuffed toy.

What happened to these women, and what happens to thousands more of them each year, is the topic of this section.

It's one thing to have women earning a living being prostitutes and quite another to have them be sex slaves. Sex slaves are slaves and are paid nothing. And they are not all 20 years old. Many of these girls are only eight years old and will probably be sex slaves until they die. In the present case, all of them have been pushed across the US / Mexican border at places like Cottonwood Canyon, and Goat Canyon, and Smuggler’s Gulch in the Tijuana River Estuary and Border Field State Park.

The United States of America’s border with Mexico is not a sport, it is not a game. This border is not fun and it is not, as most of their ilk seem to think, some environmentalist’s plaything.

There are all sorts of “people” in this world and some of them conspire with each other knowingly or unknowingly to bring about certain results.

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