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Immigrant Effects, Part 6

The illegal aliens that enter the United States are not passive. Violent crime is rampant along the US / Mexican border. This crime is not simply a few "undocumented migrants" seeking cool water and opening a tap. Homes are entered, ransacked, and the occupants murdered. In one of the most notorious cases, an illegal alien rampaged the entire southwest murdering nearly everyone he could get his hands on. It was only a massive effort by the Texas Rangers that brought the person to justice.

The State of California maintains a database of its Most Wanted criminals. You can search it yourself and finally see the magnitude of the very violent problem. Nearly all of these msot violent people are Mexicans and all are wanted for murder.

In Ciudad Juárez -- just across the border from El Paso, Texas, hundreds of teenage girls have been murdered... essentially for sport. More than a few investigators--including the authors of the U.S. Department of State's human rights report on Mexico--conclude that the killings could not have gone on for so long without the connivance of the police. Figures compiled by the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Women's Murders in Ciudad Juárez show that possibly 400 women have recently been killed. The killings bear the hallmarks of sex-abuse serial killings. The perpetrators come here.

Yes, this massive plague of murder of the innocent washes north across the US border.

Cases include the murder of a six year old girl in her own American backyard because the illegal alien wanted to use her bicycle. He stabbed her in the heart with a screwdriver.

To avoid US Border Patrol Agents, the smugglers can take mountain trails even in winter. Infrequently -- but somehow warranting massive media coverage when it occurs -- the illegals are caught in snow flurries. They suffer from exposure and some die.

Whether it be the heat of the desert or the cold of the mountains the illegal aliens are often saved by the US Border Patrol and taken to nearby hospitals. The ambulance transporting the illegals and the hospital treating the illegals are never paid. The only remuneration the hospitals and ambulance services receive is by marking up US citizen's ambulance and hospital bills to cover their losses. Yes, we pay for the illegals.



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