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USBP Overview, Part 4


Al Qaeda's efforts are paying off -- they are spreading -- and now England's organs of state security admit they are so helpless that they want all the people of England to spy on each other and report what they see.



The "immigrants" in Britain have an entirely different idea of the country's future. Here, in their own words.




In America the threat is far greater and with about 30 million "undocumented migrants" now in the country. Our future is clear.



The situation is getting so bad that the FBI has taken note of England's "spy on each other" operation and is planning one here.

Al Qaeda's second priority is to kill as many Americans as possible.

There are about 40 different Muslim terror groups eager to punish America. While al Qaeda is the one reported constantly in the news today, it's probably only reported so much because "al Qaeda" is easy for newscasters to pronounce.

For example, "Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi" -- a Pakistani terror group -- just does not roll off the tongue as well no matter how white the news caster's teeth..

Because of al Qaeda's media impact in the West, it does receive considerable recognition by other terror groups.

The linkages between Muslim terror groups and our illegal immigration invasion are very real and very dangerous.





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